Target regulators of oxidative phosphorylation

Cells produce energy through either glycolysis or oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS). It has been well established that LSCs rely on oxidative phosphorylation energy production and survival. Importantly, this represents a major difference between LSCs and normal blood stem cells.


Therefore, the Jones lab’s objective is to understand what regulates oxidative phosphorylation in LSCs and develop strategies that target oxidative phosphorylation.

Our long-term goal is to develop therapeutic strategies that could target LSCs in patients by starving the cancer cells to death while not harming normal cells.

Select Publications

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Inhibition of Amino Acid Metabolism Selectively Targets Human Leukemia Stem Cells.

Cancer Cell. 34 (5), 724-740.E4. (2018). CL Jones, BM Stevens, A D’Alessandro, JA Reisz, R Culp-Hill, T Nemkov, S Pei, N Khan, B Adane, H Ye, A Krug, D Reinhold, C Smith, J DeGregori, DA Pollyea, CT Jordan