Determine the contribution of metabolites to protein post translational modification

Post translational modifications on proteins regulate many cellular functions including energy metabolism, cell signaling, and cell growth. The molecules that modify proteins are or are derived from metabolites.


We aim to understand how unique metabolic properties of LSCs regulate post translational modifications on proteins within LSCs.

This work will lead to the identification of novel mechanisms by which metabolism regulates LSC biology and help us achieve our long-term goal of developing new therapeutic strategies to target LSCs and improve outcomes for AML patients.

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Venetoclax with Azacitidine Disrupts Energy Metabolism and Targets Leukemia Stem Cells in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Nature Medicine. 24 (12), 1859-1866. (2018). DA Pollyea, BM Stevens, CL Jones, A Winters, S Pei, M Minhajuddin, A D'Alessandro, R Culp-Hill, KA Riemondy, AE Gillen, JR Hesselberth, D Abbott, D Schatz, JA Gutman, E Purev, C Smith, CT Jordan