Dissect the interplay between metabolism and disease progression

Many AML patients that are healthy enough to receive therapy will achieve a clinical response but, most of them will develop disease recurrence or relapse. Unfortunately, most AML patients will succumb to relapsed disease.


We have previously shown that the metabolic properties of LSCs isolated from newly diagnosed AML patients differ from relapsed AML patients. This means that metabolism targeting therapeutic strategies that work on newly diagnosed AML patients may not be effective for relapsed AML patients.

Therefore, the Jones lab is examining how metabolism changes at relapse with the goal of developing therapeutic strategies to target metabolism specifically in relapsed AML patients.

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Nicotinamide Metabolism Mediates Resistance to Venetoclax in Relapsed Acute Myeloid Leukemia Stem Cells.

Cell Stem Cell. 27 (5), 748-764.E4. (2020). CL Jones, BM Stevens, DA Pollyea, R Culp-Hill, JA Reisz, T Nemkov, S Gehrke, F Gamboni, A Krug, A Winters, S Pei, A Gustafson, H Ye, A Inguva, M Amaya, M Minhajuddin, D Abbott, MW Becker, J DeGregori, CA Smith, A D’Alessandro, CT Jordan